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Learn How The EM Nitro Protocol Can Save You 50% On Nitrogen Cost While Maintaining Crop Productivity Levels.

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About Cid Simoes:

Cid Simoes Is An International Speaker And Author And Has Also Been Featured On CNN, National Geographic And Advocates Of Sustainable Agriculture.

He Has Delivered Solutions To Farmers Both Small And Large Showing Them How To Achieve Significant Cost Savings And To Improve Their Crop Yield. He Has Been Operating In The Sustainable Farming Environment For Over 15 Years, Speaking All Over The World And Delivering Solutions For Some Of The Biggest Farming Companies In The World.

Transform your farm from loss-making to highly profitable with our solution! Save 50% on input costs without compromising on yield.

Fertilizers are now at their least affordable levels since the 2008 global food crisis, despite higher crop prices, which may limit fertilizer use.

Fertilizer prices have risen nearly 30% since the start of 2022, following the previous year’s 80% surge. Soaring prices are driven by a confluence of factors, including surging input costs, supply disruptions caused by sanctions (Belarus And Russia), and export restrictions (China). Urea prices have surpassed their 2008 peaks, while phosphates and potash prices are inching closer to 2008 levels. Concerns around fertilizer affordability and availability have been amplified by the war in Ukraine.

Cid's Clients Have Applied These Techniques And Seen Massive Success On A Large Scale Around The World

Learn How The EM Nitro Protocol Can Save You 50% On Input Cost While Maintaining Crop Productivity Levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EM Nitro?

EM Nitro is a fermented liquid solution containing ammonium ions, organic acids, and amino acids. When applied as a foliar spray, it effectively reduces a farmer's reliance on soil-applied nitrogen sources by 50%, leading to cost savings, enhanced soil fertility, and the preservation of crop yields.

How does EM Nitro work?

EM NITRO works by transforming nitrogen into valuable amino and organic acids through a fermentation process. In conventional practices, crops can utilize only around 20% to 35% of soil-applied nitrogen, while the rest is lost during a protracted nitrogen fixation process. EM NITRO disrupts this cycle, making nitrogen accessible to crops within a mere 2 to 3 days, greatly enhancing efficiency and minimizing waste.

What makes EM Nitro so effective?

EM Nitro operates through the process of fermentation, breaking down nitrogen into organic acids and amino acids—essential components easily absorbed by plants. As a foliar application, EM Nitro enables crops to absorb nutrients through their leaves, leveraging the plant's nitrogen cycle and providing it with 100% of its required nitrogen sources. This innovative approach allows farmers to reduce soil-applied nitrogen sources by 50%, surpassing the efficiency of traditional soil application processes.

Can I Spray EM Nitro Through Any Spray System?

Yes you can, EM Nitro will not clog any spray system.

What Happens When EM Nitro Is Sprayed On The Ground?

When you spray EM Nitro on the ground, the soil readily absorbs it, eliminating the need for microbial breakdown, allowing the roots to absorb it efficiently.

How much does EM Nitro cost?

Determining your cost per acre is straightforward; all we require are details such as your crop type, the type and quantity of nitrogen you intend to use, and the total acreage for application. On average, farmers can anticipate approximately a 30% - 50% reduction in their nitrogen fertilizer expenses when utilizing EM Nitro.

How much will I save using the EM Nitro protocol?

You will see a 50% reduction in your average nitrogen application. The exact savings in dollars per acre can be calculated once we have information about your nitrogen source, the amount used per acre, and the current market prices.

Is EM Nitro certified organic?

No, EM Nitro is not certified organic. However, we offer our flagship product, EM-1®, which is suitable for use in organic farming practices. Please contact us to learn more about EM-1®

Which crops are suitable for the EM Nitro application?

EM NITRO is versatile and can be effectively used on a wide range of crops and produce. While our primary research and most significant results have been observed in applications on crops such as corn, wheat, barley, hay, pasture, and grass, it is suitable for various other crops as well.

Do I Need To Completely Change My Current Nitrogen Program?

No, we customize the nitrogen reduction plan to align with your existing nitrogen program. You can expect to retain your current nitrogen source, as well as the timing and method of application. The only adjustment will be a 50% reduction in the amount of nitrogen applied.

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