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In This Free Download, Learn From International Agricultural Speaker And Consultant, Cid Simoes, Who Is Helping Farmers Transform Their Bottom Line. His Ideas Are Simple, Practical, And Powerful. You’ll Be Inspired To Look At How You Farm Through A New Lens And Be Encouraged By His Proven Results.

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Learn How The EM Nitro Protocol Can Save You 50% On Nitrogen Cost While Maintaining Crop Productivity Levels.

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About Cid Simoes:

Cid Simoes Is An International Speaker And Author And Has Also Been Featured On CNN, National Geographic And Advocates Of Sustainable Agriculture.

He Has Delivered Solutions To Farmers Both Small And Large Showing Them How To Achieve Significant Cost Savings And To Improve Their Crop Yield. He Has Been Operating In The Sustainable Farming Environment For Over 15 Years, Speaking All Over The World And Delivering Solutions For Some Of The Biggest Farming Companies In The World.

In today's market, the ability to save 30% or more your input costs and maintain or improve your yield, can turn your farm from loss making to generating a significant profit.

Fertilizers are now at their least affordable levels since the 2008 global food crisis, despite higher crop prices, which may limit fertilizer use.

Fertilizer Prices Have Risen Nearly 30% Since The Start Of 2022, Following Last Year’s 80% Surge. Soaring Prices Are Driven By A Confluence Of Factors, Including Surging Input Costs, Supply Disruptions Caused By Sanctions (Belarus And Russia), And Export Restrictions (China). Urea Prices Have Surpassed Their 2008 Peaks, While Phosphates And Potash Prices Are Inching Closer To 2008 Levels. Concerns Around Fertilizer Affordability And Availability Have Been Amplified By The War In Ukraine.

Cid's Clients Have Applied These Techniques And Seen Massive Success On A Large Scale Around The World

Learn How The EM Nitro Protocol Can Save You 50% On Input Cost While Maintaining Crop Productivity Levels.

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